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Tour Blog Day 21

That’s it for another year then, and the riveting blog also comes than end. How will we all get through each day? Froome’s win is memorable for a number of reasons. The first was his domination in the mountains. Secondly, his domination in the time trials. To me, this all round ability is what makes … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 20

Well the penultimate stage and therefore the penultimate blog! Apart from the inevitable post tour thoughts and round ups. What to say about today’s stage – big big blow for Contador to drop off the podium. He certainly doesn’t look like the multiple Grand Tour winner of old. It’s interesting to see Rodriguez getting his … Continue reading

Tour a blog Day 17 & 18 & 19

A triple day no less! Avid fans, I bet you cannot wait. So, time trial review and then the big one. A proper big one. The double accent of Alpe d’huez. So good they rode it twice. And finally a mountainous monster with a descent. Froome beware. First the time trial. A very good example … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 16

A second rest day for the riders and for me. Coincidentally that’s good, as I currently have no wifi connection, which is rendering my tour following and blogging very hard. I missed the whole of stage 16 and have been forced to read a review on my Blackberry. Seems like I missed a great stage, … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 15

Today is probably the defining moment of the 2013 Tour de France. Either because it will be remembered as the day only the second time ever the Yellow Jersey has won in top of the giant of Provence on his way to dominating the race to victory. Or the day Froome went a bit to … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 14

I had to watch todays stage on ITV player via the internet. Its shit. Full of adverts that you cant fast forward through. I don’t appreciate someone deciding what I can and can’t watch, so that experiment won’t be happening again. Not a lot to comment on today concerning the stage. Bog standard breakaway wins, … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 13

Absolutely bloody amazing stage. Flat? Sprints stage? Could’ve been dull? Today rolled back the years. It was 1930 – there was no predicting the winner! Groups scattered across the road. Great TV. Except a sprinter won – that’s what the record books will show, but luckily I saw it (well, the highlights at least). An … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 11 & 12

A two day recap blog extravaganza today as I’ve been a bit busy again. The time trial stage went to plan for Chris Froome, putting time into all his GC rivals. I read today that he has the biggest lead at stage 11 since 2011. Possibly the most irrelevant stat I have read for some … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 10

That little incident certainly turned a relatively dull stage into the biggest talking point since Chris Froome was accused of doping at every interview he did on the rest day. Lets look at the facts. The lead out trains in km 7 to 4 were pretty organised. With 3km to go it started to get … Continue reading

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