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Tour Blog Day 15

Today is probably the defining moment of the 2013 Tour de France. Either because it will be remembered as the day only the second time ever the Yellow Jersey has won in top of the giant of Provence on his way to dominating the race to victory. Or the day Froome went a bit to far on performance levels and exposed the use of “extras” in Team Sky.

I’m concerned. I really do want to believe that this is through hard work. But I’m struggling. That kind of domination has only come out of a syringe in the past. I want to believe times have changed. But the difference in class is so extreme it just seems unreal.

The papers report Froome needed oxygen before taking the podium, and he did look like he’d gone really into the red. Even so, it’s a tough one for me. It’ll be interesting to see how he fares on the Alp.

A good source of the power debate can be found her at Sports Scientists. You may not agree with them (I’m not sure) but its a compelling read.

Besides all the news circulating, including the expected outing of doping in the world of sprinting, I still think that watching such a devastating display is good fun. The last great battle up there was Pantani vs Armstrong, and it was a treat to watch. I’ll certainly remember it!


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