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It’s tour time

I’m very excited. My favourite three weeks of the year are here, and I had a brainwave today that maybe I’d blog each day of the tour. I’m not sure what I’ll write, but in three weeks it’ll be circa 21 blogs so at least if nothing else it’ll give the new site a bit … Continue reading

Feelin a bit sad…..

Well, the old site is no more. I just turned it off. It’s still there on my iMac, but in wonderwebworld it is no more. Good bye old friend, you served me well. I better get on with transferring the old tat over here and make this new site just as good. Some task, but … Continue reading

Lance, doping and what I think

It’s topical, so I thought maybe a website item? Everyone has their opinion on Lance. Mine is I was lucky to watch all his tour victories, live through all the great shows he put on, truly enjoying his battles with various people, Ulrich, Pantani, Virenque, Basso to name a few. Why did I only pick … Continue reading


Well, this is all very new to me. Just trying it out. Welcome to my blog through oneFgear. Thanks to NumbNutz for dragging me on on this. Hope I don’t bore you too much!!! Soon. Jam. Xx

Well, here it is…..

Welcome to the all new oneFgear website. Out with the old, in with the new as they say. In reality, my old hosting method changed, so rather than just re-post the whole old site, I’ve started a new one. Mainly because the old one was tired and a bit out of date. This will have … Continue reading

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