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This diagram makes you stop and think.

Tour Blog Day 22 – the Final Instalment

It’s pretty hard to write a statement that sums up the achievement of Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky. Awesome, amazing, and I’m sure the Daily Mail will have many more. But to real cycling fans all across the UK, the achievement is incredible. I never thought I my lifetime as a cycling fan I would … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 21

That’s it! Job done. A totally crushing victory in the Time Trial has secured Britains first ever Tour De France (of course with the barring any accidents statement) Again, lots of talk of Froome taking the overall if he wasn’t on the same team, or even that Wiggo should have rode for Froome. But today … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 20

At last! Or should I say at last again! It’s been a long time coming on this tour, another Cavendish win, but the devastating way he did it today must have everyone knowing Sunday is a foregone conclusion, and seeing him riding at the front of the final fourth category climb must have any Olympic … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 19

Is this how the podium should really look ? So much press time is devoted to the Froome is stronger than Wiggins debate. Yes, I agree it does look as though Froome is the stronger climber. But it’s all predicated on the basis that Wiggins is riding as hard as possible. If Froome wasn’t a … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 18

Well, it’s finally bye bye Bumface, unless of course he goes on the attack on tomorrows stage. I can’t see it, but you never know with Cadel. Another great showing from the Yellow Jersey today, strength and also keeping calm. Very reminiscent of Indurain. Calm, unflappable tempo up the climbs, demolition in the time trials. … Continue reading

Tour Blog Rest Day

It wouldn’t be a rest day without a doping scandal, it’s become as much of the tour tradition now as the devil himself (although a get well soon to Him after his brain op) So, Frankie won’t be going to Hollywood, unless as part of a cheats never prosper film series with Alberto. Seems odd … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 17

A tired peloton was how Wiggins described the day, and as a fan I felt tired watching the stage too. Not quite watching paint dry, but a close second. Not a lot to report on, as today was possibly the most uneventful tour stage of this year. The pre race discussions of a Cavendish victory … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 16

Wanted – a thoroughly nasty rotter, last seen lurking around the top of a mountain in the Pyrenees shaking what appeared to be a tin of carpet tacks. Seriously though, what sort of person does that? The biggest bike race in the world. Damaged by some twat. It would be funny if the Astana rider … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 15

It’s not often you see the yellow jersey lead out the sprint! These transition stage are a bit dull, but the Tour organisers at lead have tried to create a bit of interest and ┬áin fact they are pretty good to watch. Usually the yellow jersey has a quiet day, but not in Team Sky. … Continue reading

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