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Tour Blog Day 11 & 12

A two day recap blog extravaganza today as I’ve been a bit busy again.

The time trial stage went to plan for Chris Froome, putting time into all his GC rivals. I read today that he has the biggest lead at stage 11 since 2011. Possibly the most irrelevant stat I have read for some time. So what???

Still, it was a really outstanding performance. To lose only 12 seconds to the best time trialist around at the moment is some going and I bet no doubt raised a few eyebrows again on his level of performance. I recall I think it was 1998, Pantani out time trialed Pavel Tonkov, albeit it was towards the end of a gruelling Giro. I’m not saying its the same, but skinny climbers don’t go we’ll on a flat Time Trial. I predict the doping question will rise to the fore again.

For Tony Martin though a great performance considering the severity of his crash on stage 1.

A comment on Mark Cavendish getting piss thrown over him – disgrace. I can think of a few things that are deserving of a drowning in piss, but a crash in a sprint is not one of them. He behaved well about it. I wouldn’t. I also read today that some piss-ant Dutch criterium has told him he’s not welcome. Fuck me, I bet he’s gutted about that one. I think that you may need him more than he needs you, but congratulations on proving a point that will lead to less people showing up.

Stage 12 was predicted to be a sprint stage and so it turned out to be. The sprint trains got themselves together a lot better and the run in looked like it was perfectly poised for Cav to take out victory number two. He was beaten fair and square by Kittel. Fantastic sprint from what has to be the fastest sprinter on the tour this year.

So we roll on to another sprint stage tomorrow. My thoughts are it’ll be Kittel again.


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