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Tour Blog Day 10

That little incident certainly turned a relatively dull stage into the biggest talking point since Chris Froome was accused of doping at every interview he did on the rest day.

Lets look at the facts. The lead out trains in km 7 to 4 were pretty organised. With 3km to go it started to get a bit disjointed – my view is Lotto (as is their right) made it difficult for quick step and they seemed to burn too many riders too early. Shimano got in on the action late and disrupted everything. Why Steegmans then set off so early only he knows, but from the expression on his face Cavendish didn’t look as though he was really up for it. To me he already looked spent before the sprint really opened up.

Then the crash. I watched it a few times and I’d call it as a racing incident. The dick heads of Facebook saying it was some massive conspiracy to take out Sagan?? Unbelievable. These are the same people that no doubt sit in the cellar with tinfoil wrapped on their heads in case the government are listening in to their brain waves.

Wheelers drifts, Cav is going across to follow the wheel of the winner. Bump. He could just as easily gone down, but used his experience to fend off another rider. Lead out men need to get out of the way. Do they? Not always.

My other favourite sprinter Robbie Mcewen called it a racing crash – he would know.

The interviews descended into a farce, but then I think he was pretty restrained. I would have definitely dropped a few f-bombs and that tape recorder would have been up his arse.

But then I’m a massive fan of Cav. So I would say that, wouldn’t t I?


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