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Tour Blog Day 6 & 7

A rather tardy display of blogging at such an early stage, predominantly due to work commitments. I’ve yet to catch up with the highlights on ITV, but its a sign of the success of cycling that in any daily paper you can get good coverage of the race. Probably less than 5 years ago you … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 5

A short blog tonight, mainly because I am tired. Not of the tour, oh no. Today as a Brit you have to be happy as Cav turned on the afterburners and cruised to a stage victory. And you have to say an excellent lead out to get him there. Rather disappointed tat there were no … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 4

It’s hard to write a lot about the team time trial. It’s a pleasure to watch for about 5minutes, then it gets dull. Add in the fact that once you have decide whose kit looks the smartest, there is even less to watch. My personal favourite is a total match, I don’t like the one … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 3

Stage three I’d say was largely uneventful in Tour terms. That bloke had a good go at getting the polka dot jersey but failed. A proper sprinter won, relegating the self proclaimed “hulk” ( I have an inherent dislike to people that give themselves a nickname, except of course The Dude in the big Lebowski) … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 2

Here is day two of the blog and I have to admit that I got slightly carried away and drank too much on Sunday, then promptly fell asleep and missed the end of the highlights show last. (confession number two is that I watched two ITV highlights shows back to back as had written the … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 1

Another year rolls around and the 100th edition of the Tour de France no less. So after last years literary genius, I’m going to have a go at blogging on the tour again. Now, this could be fraught with problems, as I have a holiday in France planned mid way through, and I’m not sure … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 22 – the Final Instalment

It’s pretty hard to write a statement that sums up the achievement of Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky. Awesome, amazing, and I’m sure the Daily Mail will have many more. But to real cycling fans all across the UK, the achievement is incredible. I never thought I my lifetime as a cycling fan I would … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 21

That’s it! Job done. A totally crushing victory in the Time Trial has secured Britains first ever Tour De France (of course with the barring any accidents statement) Again, lots of talk of Froome taking the overall if he wasn’t on the same team, or even that Wiggo should have rode for Froome. But today … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 20

At last! Or should I say at last again! It’s been a long time coming on this tour, another Cavendish win, but the devastating way he did it today must have everyone knowing Sunday is a foregone conclusion, and seeing him riding at the front of the final fourth category climb must have any Olympic … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 19

Is this how the podium should really look ? So much press time is devoted to the Froome is stronger than Wiggins debate. Yes, I agree it does look as though Froome is the stronger climber. But it’s all predicated on the basis that Wiggins is riding as hard as possible. If Froome wasn’t a … Continue reading

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