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Tour Blog Day 1

Another year rolls around and the 100th edition of the Tour de France no less. So after last years literary genius, I’m going to have a go at blogging on the tour again.

Now, this could be fraught with problems, as I have a holiday in France planned mid way through, and I’m not sure if I have wifi. So it could be half a blog.

Stage 1 Well, what can you say. The picture says a thousand words. At least no one was watching……. Janet Jacksons tit popping out at the Super Bowl probably got less media coverage. Can’t blame the organisers for bringing the finish line forward given a massive bus is blocking the real one, but I can imagine the panic this would have sent through the sprinters teams that it was 5km away not 10km. Cav’s comments in his interview summed it up.

So, you can ask for no more than a farcical start to the centenary edition. What next, Lance Armstrong dressed up as the devil???

Froome – stayed out if trouble after rivals hit the deck
Geraint Thomas – a bad fall but he’s up and riding

Too many to list all of the, but a few;
Cavendish – a really good chance to finally pull on the Yellow Jersey
Tony Martin – really bad luck, lets hope he can carry on
Sagan – I’m sure he would have got to the finish and parked his bike on the top of the bus
Contrador – the boeuf chomper came un stuck. You need a whole lot of luck to win the tour, is this a sign again?



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