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Tour Blog Day 4

It’s hard to write a lot about the team time trial. It’s a pleasure to watch for about 5minutes, then it gets dull. Add in the fact that once you have decide whose kit looks the smartest, there is even less to watch. My personal favourite is a total match, I don’t like the one bloke in a team that looks like he didn’t get the email on what to wear.

Anyway, sky get the vote today for the best turned out, so that’s why the get the picture.

My favourite bit of the ITV interview was the little midget that had a striking resemblance to David Millar hanging around at the back. I almost photographed the TV.

Orica Green edge – winning the TTT makes up for stage 1
Simon Gerrans – at least one Aussie will be happy this summer (Ashes series is coming)

David Millar – close again but so far. At least his midget look alike was there though.

As an aside, I like to follow Lance on Facebook. I wrote on here in support of him some time ago, and I haven’t gotten around to correcting my views. Any, I digress. I follow him to read the mentalist comments that haters and fans write about him. It’s an insight into the mind of idiots. However, this post struck a chord with me.

Not really Mike. This is facebook. It’s not real. You’re not real. When I turn off this computer, I have this thing called a rich a full life with friends, relatives and such. However, when I am on here, I like to let liars know that they disappointed people with their bold lies. Not just reactionary lies. But BOLD, OUTRIGHT, lies. Anyone here remember his years of crying on this very page about being harassed by the testers? I can just about remember one a day. He was so damn vocal about being clean that I believed him. Nobody can just lie that loudly. Nobody can lie with that look of honesty on his face. But Lance could. And enough with the scapegoat and keeping up with the Jones’ bullshit. He did the crime and touted that he accomplished all of his success clean. And then throw in the pity party we gave him for being a cancer survivor. He wanted us to believe him. He wanted us to swallow the lie. He hoped he could get away with it. I’m glad he was caught. At least the truth will set him free.


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