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Tour Blog Day 19

Is this how the podium should really look ?


So much press time is devoted to the Froome is stronger than Wiggins debate. Yes, I agree it does look as though Froome is the stronger climber. But it’s all predicated on the basis that Wiggins is riding as hard as possible. If Froome wasn’t a team mate, and was attacking Brad – he’d respond. He’d have to defend. Then would Froome respond? Would he be as strong with a weak team around him? Let’s wait for the final Time Trial.

It’s pretty fucking annoying now, Wiggins hasn’t even won it yet and the press are de-valuing the achievement.

Lance Armstrong proved time and time again that a strong team, with very strong climbing , win you the tour. It’s very very hard to do it without the best in your team.

People are forgetting that sport is also about earning a living. Froome gets very well paid to ride for Wiggins.

I’m not knocking Chris Froome – he’s done an amazing job. But once again, in the face of a truly great British victory, our press seems only happy creating some sort of rift in the team.

It’s a shame.


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