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Tour Blog Day 14

Four of the British Olympic Road Race team have now won stages in the Tour De France. Ian Stannard hasn’t, but that’s just because he’s not there!!! I love it. Generally, the French don’t like us, so I’m sat here today even happier that we are totally dominating the race now. I may even dig … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 13

Another great day of tour watching, ITV hitting the mark again. No special features, so you knew it was a stage to savour. The demise of old bum chin was a little sad, his spirited attack looked in all parts a good move, but once your team mate,TJ starts to drop you, it’s never going … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 12

Considering the possibility of a slip up, it was a bit of an uneventful stage today for GC, but maybe that’s because Sky controlled the race so well. iTV set up the possibility of a downhill attack very well with Chris Boardmans feature on effective descending. As I watched it, the only other thought was … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 11

Phew, no blog required today, but like the pro’s I’ll craft a gentle one so there is no chance of my fingers going into rest mode. I guess two things cycling but not tour related hit the rest day. Lance Armstrong’s attempt to get his USADA persecution overturned by the courts failed, followed later by … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 10

Awesome. Yes, I’ve gone all American in my tour blog today. Strangely though the word used by many an American citizen to describe even the most mundane of items or actions, describes perfectly Wiggo’s ride today. Talk about showing what you are made of – a massive show of force and something that “bum face” … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 9

If I’m going to be totally honest, day 8 blog was so short because I was getting pissed up in a field. Camping. Not by total choice either, more an obligation as clearly my mind was on the first mountain stage. Still, I was hopeful that as I was with a bunch of people that … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 8

I don’t think I really need to bother tonight. Suffice to say – GO Wiggo. Yellow suits you sir.

Tour Blog Day 7

Seven days in and I’m still blogging! It’s tiring I know that much all this tour watching and then trying to find something to write about. Today’s stage then was heavily influenced by crashes. I do pretty well to not find out the result after I get home from work – generally this is no … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 6

What a great stage today, with the break staying away just 100m short of the line. Two talking points as well really, one to do with the race, the other the ongoing USADA case. The race first. The effects of the crash on Cavendish must have had an impact today, he got wrong on the … Continue reading

Tour Blog Day 5

Well – a short one. I don’t know what happened others than Cav crashed. Catching up tonight, so expect a big Day 6!!!!

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