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Tour Blog Day 7

Seven days in and I’m still blogging! It’s tiring I know that much all this tour watching and then trying to find something to write about.

Today’s stage then was heavily influenced by crashes. I do pretty well to not find out the result after I get home from work – generally this is no access to iMac, iPod or iPhone until I turn on the ITV highlights – that’s a challenge in itself.

I had the feeling it was a non stage as Ned and Chris started the show with one of their informative “sketches” but it didn’t pan out like that at all.

A bad day for crashes, although congratulations to Millar as usual with his dramatic “hand through the hair, the worst crash I’ve ever been in” statement. Dave – pretty sure you say that after every crash? Shame that Cavendish got caught up and couldn’t contest the sprint, but I do wonder if he’d have beaten Sagan. That guy is on fire. Be interesting how such a youngster gets on in the mountains.

Losers were aplenty today – schelck, gessink, Ryder. A shame that three challengers out before the mountains.

It reminded me of Wiggo’s crash last year. Pleased he made it through safely.

Winners – the main GC boys. BMC have their tactics spot on.

Looking forward to the first up hill tilt today. It won’t be decisive, but I do think that we’ll see Cadel on the attack.



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