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Tour Blog Day 14

Four of the British Olympic Road Race team have now won stages in the Tour De France. Ian Stannard hasn’t, but that’s just because he’s not there!!! I love it.

Generally, the French don’t like us, so I’m sat here today even happier that we are totally dominating the race now. I may even dig out my beret, striped jumper and ride around on my shopping bike saying “hon-hi-hon” just to prove a point.

I like Dave Millar. As everyone, I was disappointed with him when he cheated, but he did the right thing. His book is well worth a read. He’s a bit of a drama queen – the hand through the hair and “that’s the ……. (insert the hardest, fastest, longest etc etc) that I’ve EVER done ” in every press conference, but he’s certainly proved you can win clean. As has Wiggo, French press.

The win on the anniversary of Tom Simpsons death was particularly special, something that wasn’t missed by Wiggo at his interview with Ned.

All in all, ANOTHER great day for British Cycling. Fingers crossed Cav can get it on tomorrow’s sprint stage.




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