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Tour Blog Day 9

If I’m going to be totally honest, day 8 blog was so short because I was getting pissed up in a field. Camping. Not by total choice either, more an obligation as clearly my mind was on the first mountain stage. Still, I was hopeful that as I was with a bunch of people that didn’t particularly like cycling, I would probably get through the day/night without hearing the result. I was looking forward to an early return home on Sunday morning to settle down to watch my ITV highlights of what was to be the first real decisive stage.

Despite best intentions, some bloke wanders over and says good news in the tour Wiggins grabbed yellow. Fuckin hell. What makes people do this?!?! I didn’t even know the chap, let alone have “I’m a cycling fan tell me the results” t shirt on. With this useful gem of info, I scuttled off to my camper van and consulted Eurosport for a breakdown. Suffice to say all I felt like blogging was a short and sweet statement. I perhaps should have made more of the fact that sky totally dominated – reminiscent of the USPS days towards the latter part of Lance’s domination of the tour. Pleased for Froome – a great ride. It will be interesting to see where he rides next year as he has to be considered a leader in his own right sooner rather than later.

Anyway – day 9. A potential tricky day for Wiggo, easy to stumble the day after taking yellow. No massive challenges, but with old squeaky looking for every second it could have been difficult.

Sky seemed in perfect control, if not a little bit less dominant than yesterday. BMC don’t seem to be as strong on the road as they are on paper. It’ll be interesting to see if Cadel has to go it alone on every stage, but he does have that terrier look about him to grab every opportunity. Wiggo will have to stay vigilant. Second day in yellow and it certainly suited him.

Tomorrow will see the first real shake up. I’d like to think a crushing by Wiggo, but I’m not convinced yet. Cadel looks strong. He’s a good tester, so it promises to be a good day.



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