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Tour Blog Day 6

What a great stage today, with the break staying away just 100m short of the line. Two talking points as well really, one to do with the race, the other the ongoing USADA case. The race first.

The effects of the crash on Cavendish must have had an impact today, he got wrong on the run in and ended up too near the front, having to check back before going again. Griepel had the legs and it was a deserved win for the wide mouthed frog, especially after his tap dance on the sprawling Fararr in the bunch crash.

Tyler Farrar didn’t really have the moral high ground to storm into the Argos bus, but it was funny to watch. He was as much to blame but just came off worse.

And so to todays other talking point. It’s a real shame that a body funded to fight doping has chosen the Tour time to launch its investigation. There are some ego’s here seriously trying to discredit Armstrong. It’s bolocks if the five listed today get 6 month bans as part of a testimony. It’s two years if you dope – if they admitted it then that’s what they get.

Ive said what I think previously. It really doesn’t matter anymore. I question why USADA is drip feeding the media. Max coverage at the tour I’d guess. There you go – Ego time again.

Looking forward to seeing if Cav can get the one stage win to equal a record monkey of his back.



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