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Trans-Cambrian Prologue

Right then, a little bike packing adventure to start the “summer” off. After disasterous Roveniemei 150 I have a rather expensive set of  bike packing stuff  that sits in the shed, so really I should use it, otherwise it’s per mile ridden cost is an embarrassment.

The Prologue was getting over to Knighton for the start of the trail. A short ride to Shenstone from home, train from Shenstone to Birmingham, Birmingham to Shrewsbury and then Shrewsbury to Knighton.


Feeling a little “dry” at Birmingham I acquired two nice cold cans of Stella. I also explained several times that my bike was in fact “normal” and had an interesting discussion as to its ability to manage sand. Have you been on sand? Yes. Did you fall off? No more than usual. Does it work on sand? Yes. Is it a sand bike? No, it’s a fat bike. Yes but it’s for sand. And snow. Snow? Yes snow. Have you ridden it on snow?  Yes. Did you fall off? No more than usual. Is it a snow bike? I have to go now.

Timing wise in hindsight it wasn’t ideal. A packed commuter train is no place for a fat bike. After I managed to get it on the carriage, I had the awful misfortune to have an electric bike parked next to it I’d  like to say something positive about it, but it was a piece of shit.

I had decided to stay at the Clun YHA for no other reason than I thought two nights bivvy was enough. As its only 6 miles from Knighton on a main road, it would be fine. 6 miles later up a big climb, sweating like a lunatic, I  should have camped in Knighton after starting the trail.  Still, on the upside I had a bed in a dorm that had a problem with the alarm (think reversing lorry all evening) a slightly odd man that snored in the other bed and a much bigger climb to look forward to in the morning before I even started the trail.  Still, I found a nice pub and polished off Gammon Egg, Pineapple , Chips and Peas (do you want egg or pineapple was met with the start response of “Quizzical look, errm both!) with two pints of clun pale ale.

If you want a good resource for the Trans Cambrian head over Here


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