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Lance, doping and what I think

It’s topical, so I thought maybe a website item?

Everyone has their opinion on Lance. Mine is I was lucky to watch all his tour victories, live through all the great shows he put on, truly enjoying his battles with various people, Ulrich, Pantani, Virenque, Basso to name a few.

Why did I only pick those people of all his adversaries? There were more of course. I chose them because they are all convicted dopers. And he beat them all, pretty easily as well. What does that say to you – to some it’s that he must have been a doper too. Quite possibly, but the difference being is that he never failed a test. They did. What has happened to getting hard proof?

If I steal your TV, I’m a thief, if I’m caught or not. If I dope and I don’t get caught, I’m a doper. the thing is, laws work on the basis of getting caught. Lance wasn’t. So if I never get caught nicking your TV, I’m not a thief in the eyes of the law. We can only operate in the parameter that are set.

I’ve got to the point that I don’t care anymore. If he did, he did. I find it hard to believe someone that has so vehemently denied it, been tested so many times, been hated by so many people that would like to grass him up, that it never came out at the height of doping probes. Testing procedures have been improved so we can go back and rewrite history. How far do you go though? There is a limit. What about Indurain? what’s the point anyway? Strip him of his titles, discredit him! Why? What does that achieve? It ruins a dream. Who can have those tour titles? They all got caught!!!!

He’s finished cycling now, he’s spent time building a foundation that helps thousands of cancer sufferers. He’s turned to Ironman and is bringing the crowds in. USDA has ruined that now, his Kona debut looks to be ruined, despite never failing a test. He’s consistently performed as a class endurance athlete all his life – at 41 he’s still winning ironman races!!!

Evidence has been gathered from convicted dopers. Would I believe them? Not really. Remember Floyd and the beer story! And Tyler and the dead twin! Genius!!!! Rock solid evidence eh?

The case will no doubt play out, it’ll damage even further the sports I love and if he is found guilty, then it may never recover. But what will it achieve? Will it stop anyone doping? I doubt it. The desire to be the best and also the riches it brings now means if you want to dope you will to get to the very top.

Personally, guilty or not, I’ll respect Lance for what he has achieved. It’s more than just winning 7 tours. They can take them away, but they can never take away that he beat cancer and dominated the hardest sport in the world, clean or doped, that’s some achievement considering his competition. It’s the fans that will suffer on this one. And that’s a shame.



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