Devoted husband and dad. Bicycle mechanic at FRED'S in Wolverhampton. Lives to ride all types of bikes including road, mountain bike, cyclo cross, track, geared, singlespeed, fixed.....Rides Independent Fabriaction and Firefly bikes. Tattooed Rude Boy!! Other interests SKA, Two Tone, Northern Soul music. Vespa Scooter.....LIVE THE DREAM! Xx
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Baileyworks oneFgear Courier Bag

oneFgear courier bag made by Baileyworks in USA. Take a butchers! They rock!! Xx

Need to get on it…

Right, here we go! For one thing or another, I’ve been lacking my mojo for this cycling lark. Time being so precious, my riding has taken a back step. I need to sort this out. How do I do this? Agree to take part in my least favourite aspect part of the sport. Not including … Continue reading


Well, this is all very new to me. Just trying it out. Welcome to my blog through oneFgear. Thanks to NumbNutz for dragging me on on this. Hope I don’t bore you too much!!! Soon. Jam. Xx

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